The new Blackpool manager Paul Ince has said that he is happy to have a slow start to his Blackpool career. The former Manchester United, Liverpool, and West Ham United midfielder has been unable to find work for the last 22 months. However, he was recently appointed as the Blackpool manager on a rolling contract. He got the first win as a Blackpool manager in the 2-1 victory over Watford during the weekend. It was a surprise result given that Watford are challenging for the automatic promotion spots, while Blackpool’s chances of finishing in the play-off appear to be slim.

However, this away victory gives Ince his first win as the Blackpool manager in the last five matches. Ince has revealed that he is extremely frustrated with his managerial career so far because people have not been giving him a chance despite his win ratio of more than 40%. He has admitted that he made mistakes during his managerial career, but he is learning along the way as well. He has said that he is extremely grateful to get the opportunity to manage a club like Blackpool. The winger Matt Phillips has praised the manager by saying that the new manager was a player of real quality, and he is willing to help the current players.

“I have been frustrated. There have been jobs that have come up that I fancied, but someone else got them. I could not understand why, because a victory ratio of 43 per cent as a manager is pretty good. I made mistakes along the way, as you do, because you’re always learning. But to have this chance to manage Blackpool is a real honour,” said the 45-year-old, who has played 53 matches for the England national team. He is one of the few black managers in the league.